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wtf did i just watch

i can’t stop watching this

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honestly all I’m looking for in a bf rn is someone that can carry me in league

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Why is it when I see a white girl with a tattoo on her thigh i think sexy? But a Latina I think ghettos as fuck?

because youre racist

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MK x AC part 1

Can’t wait for this DLC!!

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You have such a huge fan base and it’s such an interesting show. Do your fans ask you for anything unusual? It being such an unusual show.

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One of Beyoncé’s models for her VMA Vanguard Award performance tells a story about how Beyoncé comforted her before the show began. So sweet!

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Anonymous asked:
Beyonce has done problematic things before she's freaking ableist for god sake. In the bridge of lose my breath she says "you don't have no business in this here's your papers baby you're autistic"


O M G BITCH SHE’S SAYING “You don’t have no business in this here’s your papers baby you are dismissed” BYE @ THIS REACH

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this is my uncle steve when he was my age he was the lead in a large polynesian gang and lived a rough life but he also has a strong passionate love for beyonce to the point he has it tattooed on his chest and named his second daughter beyonce

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